Famille Dubois

When the Fête des Vignerons ended, and once his master in Winemaking obtained, René Dubois acquired a vineyard in Ollon to make his own domaine: Famille Dubois.

In the Dubois family, winemakers for four generations now, taste for quality, refinement, elegance and nature is ingrained - and you'll find it in their wines. René's wines are true to that tradition.

Tradition is not a bad word in that context, with a taste for the slow and ancient ways to make good things.

But why going to Ollon, when you come from Lavaux or Valais? It's because it's a very subtile and wonderful terroir, ideal for traditional Chasselas wine.

For the moment, we only have two wines available for degustation, but we have a special activity for our guests, where they can cap their special bottle to bring it home as a souvenir (30.-/person).

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Route d'Aigle 44 – 1867 Ollon